Graphic Design

Where do we start?

Graphic Design is one the first ‘To Do’ points in creating a brand.

  1. What is you’re business focussed around?
  2. Have you researched wording? What colours should you use?
  3. What kind of type face should you have?
  4. Confused about shaping a design?
  5. Would you like some help? We have talented Graphic Designers here at Marden Signs.

Some careful considerations in Graphic Design

It’s bad practice to just mock something up in a rush!

  1. Careful thought is needed
  2. Learn about the industry
  3. Learn about the business
  4. Research (KEY POINT)
  5. Collaboration

Marden Signs can Build Your Brand

When it comes to creating a brand, Marden Signs take this incredibly seriously. We discuss with you what you would like to achieve…understand and learn about your business…ask alot of questions…and sometimes challenge your idea if we think the guidelines dont fit! We would much rather you have a fantastic design that is going to work for your business.

Here at Marden Signs we have a truly talented team at our disposal, and every idea and branding is discussed in great length to gain other inspirational ideas from a variety of perspectives. This in turn is challenged on many principles of graphic design and carefully considering other media platforms that the graphic design will be used on. Whether it be a poster, letter head, business card or even a TV Ad. If you need any inspiration on ideas on where you would like to take your idea on social networking and media streaming, we can definetly help you.

Graphic Design can be a very complicated process as there are many considerations to take into account. Marden Signs have a collaborative 50 year experience between us to pull from.

we have a detailed questionaire if you would like brand identity created by us, and if you are genuinely serious about having it done, then we will need all the information from you to give us a head start on coming up with an idea. Please fill in our Brand Identity form. It will help you to drill down and identify some Key areas of your business.

Pure and Simply, We just know what works!