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Make the most of your outdoor advertising space with the Marden Signs huge range of pavement signs. In the industry they aare also known as sandwich boards. We have a large selection of frame styles including A board frames, swing signs, flexible panel, chalkboard pavement signs and water fillable signs at our disposal to fit into your requirements.

In terms of the graphic type we have options for posters, graphics and even chalkboard surfaces to write your own message on. Our A-boards are available as the frame only or we can print the posters or graphics for you. Ideal for marketing and advertising, particularly for retail point of sale. We hold most of our pavement signs and A boards in stock for fast dispatch adn turn around as sometimes these types of signs are needed quite urgently.

A Boards Pavement Signs

Outdoor advertising with an A Board is essential if you have a promotion or agreat offer on. They are set back from the main road or youre business is new to the area and want to make yourself known.

Chalkboard Pavement Signs

The must have accessory for the hospitality industry; the Chalkboard Pavement Sign. We offer a selection of chalk and blackboard A Boards that are perfect for pubs, bars and restaurants with regular promotional updates.

Order printed posters with your A Board

We offer a fantastic printing service so that you can complete your A Board in one order. We print onto PVC waterproof based paper to keep your posters looking their best for longer.

All printed products will be delivered within 3-5 days after your artwork has been authorised.

A Boards (Pavement Signs) and Sandwich Boards Buying Guide

Sandwich Boards are one of the most popular types of pavement sign. They are also commonly known as A Boards, for their ‘A’ shape frame. They are available in a range of colours, sizes and styles and you can choose from using a printed poster or having a chalkboard set up.

A Boards are great for capturing the attention of passing trade and they are quick and easy to fold up for neat storage. Both the snap frame and chalkboard designs have their benefits but both can be updated regularly and easily.

You need a Sandwich Board if you tick one of the following boxes:

  • You are trying to increase sales
  • You are looking to gain new customers
  • You have a fantastic offer on that people don’t know about unless they go inside
  • You are a new business or are new to the area and are not yet very well known
  • You are set back from the main high street and people struggle to find you
  • You are showing a hard to find sporting event in your pub or bar

Having an A Board is proven to alert both pedestrians and motorists to your business, increase walk in traffic and make people aware of your appealing deals, offers or simply your brand message.

The right Pavement Sign for you depends on a number of factors.

If you are based somewhere particularly windy or with harsh weather conditions, then a water based Pavement Sign might be the better option for you. These signs are more durable and sturdy than A Boards but both offer the same quality of advertising.

The advantage of A Boards is that they are light and easy to transport and pack away.

A simple yet effective way to really make your A Board stand out from competitors is to either compose a really good clear design or introduce an LED element to the pavement Sign. Adding an element of illumination to your Pavement Sign will not only help your business stand out, but it will also brighten your poster and make you visible to passing trade day and night through any weather.

The A boards available on the market can vary dramatically in quality. Some of the cheaper models are often quite flimsy. They’re often made from metal that corrodes, are made from cheap, lightweight metal so they blow over when it’s windy and don’t provide a firm grip on posters.

Our A boards are designed to be a much higher quality. They’re made from thicker, heavier anodised aluminium so they won’t corrode and they’re far less likely to blow over when it’s windy. The frames are thick and feature extra springs to create a firm grip on posters, and they have sturdy metal back panels rather than flimsy plastic.

You can feel the difference in quality and engineering as soon as you hold one – ours weigh 8kg compared to just 3kg for some competing models. Yet we sell them in such high volumes that we’re also able to offer them at very competitive prices, too.

The rules and regulations for Sandwich Boards vary under each local council, so it is always best to check with your local authority. We recommend that you follow these simple steps to ensure that your A Board is not causing any issues or offences:

  • Keep your sign in good condition at all times. The council will not approve of untidy, defaced or offensive signs in the street.
  • If the weather takes a turn, bring your sign indoors. If the sign becomes a hazard and may blow over into the street or road causing an obstruction, you as the owner could be liable for any damage or accidents.
  • Make sure the size you use suits the area. If you are on a narrow street or side street, an A0 size board may not be suitable as it may cause blockages.

The most important element of you sign is the clarity. If the message isn’t clear instantly, people will lose interest. A Boards are in place to catch the passing trade, so your offer, deal or message needs to be able to be grasped in a glance. To help with this, you can use bold colours, large fonts and images.

You need to be able to attract the attention of as many people as possible. Humour always works well and often encourages people to stop and take a picture. However humour isn’t the correct tone for everyone, so if you need a more formal approach, striking images also work well.

An obvious but crucial point that is often missed, is spelling. A simple spelling mistake will instantly turn people away from your business as it is not only careless, but also unprofessional.

And finally, you want your sign to encourage people to come in or call, so why not say it on your sign? A simple ‘visit now’ or ‘speak to our advisors’ will let people know that you are available and happy to help.

The best way to make your poster weather resistant is to always print onto a waterproof based paper, such as PVC. This way, your poster will not run or crease should it come into contact with water, whether that be rain or condensation within the frame. Our snap frame style A Boards come with a UV anti-glare PVC cover which will protect your graphic from fading in harsh sunlight.